[podcast] How to maintain a strong metabolism as you age.

produced by john c ashworth Book referenced for this podcast: Get Stronger, Feel Younger by Wayne Westcott, PhD & Gary Reinl Studies referenced in the podcast include: Basal metabolism and age of adult man. (Keys, et al, 1973) Prescribing physical activity: applying the ACSM protocols for exercise type, intensity, and duration across 3 training frequencies….

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13 Ways One Type of Exercise Is the Closest Thing to a Miracle Drug We Have | Thrive Global

Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash It was initially believed that when it comes to building muscle, cardio paled in comparison to exercises like resistance training, which are designed to help you gain strength. But a recent review of 14 studies published in the journal Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews found that on average, men who did 45…

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