Thing are not always fair, so get to work!

written by john c ashworth Things are not always fair. So, get to work! And when work doesn’t go well or the way you want it to go, especially when you’re selling stuff, pick-up the pieces and get back to work. Call the next prospect. Send the next email. Do the next right thing and always keep present in…

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Cultivating the slight edge on a Sunday Morning

produced by john c ashworth Here on the ash flash, we’re always cultivating the slight edge for your massive success. You just never know when you’re going to discover something here that will change the trajectory of your life, butiness and career in amazing ways. First though, you must cultivate the discipline necessary to get…

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The Most Successful people in the world adopt this mindset

“The most successful people in the word have an insatiable hunger to do MORE. Be MORE. Give MORE. And Create MORE.” -Tony Robins

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Luck is important and so is discipline

written by john c ashworth Recently, the idea of self-discipline and self-management has surfaced in my daily reading and notes. I read a ton down here in the the ash flash workshop. I have a multitude of notebooks jammed into bookshelves and into the corners of almost every room. All of them with some really…

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How to Succeed as a Copywriter and Salesperson

written by john c ashworth One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is in not knowing their products to the core. And not just knowing them, but really knowing and understanding what those products do for the people who buy them. Very often, until you know your stuff, the reasons you think people buy are…

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Every positive change, including your new years resolution, demands this…

written by john c ashworth Every positive change starts with this. The problem is that in the beginning, no one mentions it. The result is the surprise you get when you hit your first obstacle. The wall no one told you, YOU would have to climb. The wall with no door. No ladder. No secret…

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