Learn how to sell more persuasively using short passionate videos

produced by john c ashworth Click here to get amazing deals on Appsumo See the banner below for more information about Sendfox – if you want to simplify and focus your email marketing, use Sendfox. If you become a plus member, it’s included. Click the banner below. Learn how to sell in 2022 using more…

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Do you have a happiness guarantee?

written by john c ashworth Over Christmas in 2019 I purchased my very first pair of Bombas socks. Bombas is the company that donates a pair of socks for every pair you buy. Pretty cool concept and aided by the Shark Tank, of course 🙂 When the package arrived, I hung on to it for…

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There is a BIG Difference between a List & and Tribe

written by john c ashworth There is VAST Difference between a list and a tribe First, let’s get one thing straight. I can almost guarantee you’re not leveraging your house list the way you could be for maximium engagement and sales. Surprising as it might sound, most businesses fail miserably at this. Why? Well, we…

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