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by john c ashworth

-john c ashworth
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Old school wisdom for the modern age…

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Poway Titans circa 1986

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-John C Ashworth

john c ashworth following the 8th grade parent, teacher, versus the students basketball game. -circa 2015

Dear Friend,

Thanks for stopping by.

Below you will find an eclectic collection of treasures.  All of which have the potential to help you live better, increse your sales, grow your business and accomplish more in less time.  The primary focus of this blog – to provide you support and inspiration in your life and career.

YOU will discover in the list of bonuses below an example of the special flashes of brilliance that are produced weekly here on the ash flash. Each flash its own unique combination of insights and inspiration designed to help you grow.  

I’ve got a lot of unique old school insights to share with you here 🙂

Imagine the possibilities once you stick around awhile…

I’ve had the great fortune of an extremely unique and diverse career path spanning multiple disciplines, combined with an uncanny ability to see things near and far into the future of possibility that others cannot; and an on-going willingness to come back and share as much of that insight as I can here with you in as authentic a manner as possible.

When I began re-making my blog and my presence online following my departure from my work as a fitness coach and car salesman I was determined to be as authentic as possible. First, with myself. And then by extension with the rest of you – my fellow bohemians interested in the same kind of pursuit of a more awakened life. This process has been essential in gaining clarity about how to pursue the mission of the ash flash.  A large part of which, of course, is simply my own personal desire to continue to learn, grow, and inspire others to do the same.

I continue this journey daily and every day I write and I gain clarity on the things that interest me as a salesman, writer, copywriter, bohemian athlete and lifelong learner. I’m sharing as mush of that as I can with you here on the ash flash. Not all of it, because I just don’t have the time. I work full-time as an inside salesman for a fast-growing technology company here in Madison, WI. I also happen to be a devoted family man.

I pursue this vital mission in my spare time as much as I possibly can. It helps me breath and cultivates the kind of clarity I need to live better, be healthier, and accomplish more in less time in everything I do.  Especially as a salesman. The time I invest in this pursuit is fulfilling and a direct reflection of my commitment to helping inspire all of us for life.

Through this process I’m discovering something very interesting about you and I as human beings. We are interesting and vast creatures with lots of unrealized potential. And that is my primary goal here through the sharing of my life’s experiences with you in unique ways. That I might inspire you for life, and as a result, help you accomplish more inside your business, your career, and your life as a whole.  All pursuits.

the ash flash is the extension of every gift and every insight I have to share.

It is my great hope that you will find things here that really inspire you and help you improve your life.

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