Fitness is a journey…watch this video

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john ashworth the fitness nomad
john ashworth in the home gym in Wisconsin...

Fitness is a journey

written by john c ashworth

I started this process in the late summer last year. I was getting too heavy and too lethargic and my family wasn’t shy about telling me what they thought. And they were right.

So, I got back to work and I’ve been a fitness professional my whole life so I knew exactly what I needed to do. I also felt compelled to begin sharing the experience with all of you; and I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received from YOU along the way. We’re just getting started!

Fitness is a lifelong journey. It won’t always go perfectly and you won’t always be perfect and if one more instagram promo pops up in front of me with someone’s useless before and after photos and their story about how they have all the secrets, I think I’m going to puke. It’s all a lot of non-sense. YOU have to make a decision to do this. YOU have to make a decision to commit. YOU have to decide that YOU are worth it and then you have to be willing to keep coming back!

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But remember, I have no secrets. Only inspiration and expertise to share with you! You decide.

Big thanks to @keanureysoto for the move that inspired this post.




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John Ashworth is a salesman, writer, Dad and full time Bohemian Athlete. aka Johnny Renaissance.

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