Fitness Friday on NBC 15 in Madison WI with news anchor Leigh Mills

NBC 15 “Fitness Friday” Highlights

The Story behind Fitness Friday…

Before John became a madison car salesman, he ran his own fitness business here in Madison, WI.  Early in that business, he reached out to Leigh Mills of NBC15 Madison regarding the creation of a regular fitness segment where he could spread the good word about exercise and good health habits.  Little did they realize, that segment would run for ten years.  It even continued during the first year and a half when John first started selling cars. All good things eventually come to and end, and in 2016, John officially retired from producing this very popular segment.  John is still passionate about fitness and you can read his fitness over 50 posts here.  Currently, John works as an account executive and salesman for a fast-growing technology company in Madison, WI.

Enjoy a few of the archived segments here, and if you’re interested in more, you can search for “Fitness Friday” on this blog.


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