In-Home Personal Training & Virtual Coaching for Madison WI & beyond…

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*Attention: Madison, Verona, Fitchburg, Middleton, and Cross Plains Residents. In-home personal training & Virtual Coaching is now available with John C Ashworth, the original fitness nomad.

To: Madison, Verona, Fitchburg, Middleton, and Cross Plains Residents
From: John C Ashworth, the original Fitness Nomad
April 2021

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25-year fitness coach veteran
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Are YOU Struggling with YOUR Fitness Program?

That’s where I come in…and I come directly to YOU in your home gym. Both in-person and virtually! That’s right. Once you and I are both vaccinated, I can come see you in person if you like. Otherwise, you would be surprised just how productive a virtual coaching and training session can be.

And if you don’t have a home gym yet, please don’t worry or let that stop you from at least reaching to me to start a conversation (use the form at the bottom to contact me). With a minimal investment of time and money, we can create a home gym and a coaching program focused on your needs and the results you desire. Keep reading and I’ll explain, because this is important for your long-term health, longevity and vitality. For starters, I can help you double your energy level in two weeks or less, and we can build from there…

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This page is private and available by invitation only. Send me a note using the form below and I’ll create a personal login ID for you so that you can read more about what I have to offer. I hate to have to be so stealth about this, but my availability is very limited.

Send me a note using the form below and we can start a conversation and talk more about your goals, everything you hope to achieve, and how I can help support you as your fitness coach 🙂


Let’s face it head on…together

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