Month: June 2021

Are you breathing enough to thrive and live your full potential?

produced by john c ashworth Try focusing on your breathing today. To really make the most out of each and every breath you take. Do it consciously. Do it purposefully. Do it with intention and with the intent that your breathing alone has the true and lasting potential to change your life for the better….

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How to cultivate craftsmanship and discover your passion along the way

written by john c ashworth You’ve heard the expression… Follow your passion and the money will follow. Passion is not enough. Nor is it often readily available at the outset of your journey. That’s a lot of pressure. We must commit to doing the work first, sometimes for many many years. Getting so good at…

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How to make your mark as a writer

written by john c ashworth I’ve been reading, “On writing well” by William Zinsser. A really terrific book. And it’s hard to write a good book on writing. Here is one of the gems I discovered this morning… You’ll never make your mark as a writer unless you develop a respect for words and a…

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How to cultivate your legacy. The ash flash mission continues…

produced by john c ashworth Hello and thanks for being here. Be sure to subscribe for regular updates. This video along with all the others I shot during the winter and have not yet edited, is overdo; and I wanted you to know I’m doing the best I can. the ash flash is my passion…

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