Month: August 2019

Read this article about the Ring Doorbell camera and then go back and read George Orwell’s 1984

Ring, the doorbell-camera firm, has partnered with 400 police forces, extending surveillance reach – The Washington Post But legal experts and privacy advocates have voiced alarm about the company’s eyes-everywhere ambitions and increasingly close relationship with police, saying the program could threaten civil liberties, turn residents into informants, and subject innocent people, including those who…

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Stopping Traffic on a Wednesday afternoon | Random Acts of Faith

written by john c ashworth I sell technology applications for a fast-growing growing technology company in the funeral industry. It’s an interesting experience on many levels. I’ve learned a lot. I love to learn. I’m always learning. In fact, that’s what the ash flash is really all about. Today, I wanted to share a story…

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Think Different. You Decide.

written by john c ashworth I have an old book I refer to on occasion titled, “Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer.” One of those titles that almost reveals enough all on its own. There’s a lot of great stuff inside that book. I encourage you to pick-up your own copy on eBay. The chapter…

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[video] How to adjust text message volume on iPhone in your 2019 Toyota Prius Prime Plus

produced by john c ashworth My most popular #youtube video to date is the one I did a few years back about how to setup text messaging on your #iphone in your Toyota. This is a follow-up to that video: “How to adjust the text message readout and alert tone volume in your #Toyota #Prius #Prime.” The Toyota Entune system seems…

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The concept of the prospect pyramid

Inside any group of prospects you might be pursuing it is vital to understand how literally any group you might be pursuing breaks down. 1% are rich 4% are affluent 15% are not only price-sensitive buyers, but they also have very little disposable income available to invest in what you have to offer. 80% of…

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Why YOUR Vision is more powerful than YOUR Goals

written by john c ashworth We cannot hold on to that which no longer works for us and expect new and better things to come into our lives. Start releasing that which does not serve you… Most of us are familiar with the idea of becoming more magnetic, or more attractive. In other words, finding…

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A Brave and Startling Truth about our place here on earth – the pale blue dot

In describing what the Voyager captured in that grainy photograph of mostly empty space, Sagan limned Earth as a “pale blue dot.” That became the moniker of the photograph itself and the title of his bestselling book published later that year, in which he wrote that “everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever…

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