Month: February 2018

March 15: Answers to Your Burning Questions on Cremation | A Good Goodbye ~ Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die

The clever headline in the photo is what drew me in initially to this Linkedin post. So, I thought I would share Gail Rubin’s event while I was sharing her image ūüôā -John March 15 to 17 in Santa Fe, check out¬†Transitioning Artfully: Approaching the Intersection of Art and Death. It‚Äôs a¬†three-day event celebrating life,…

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Why You Should Ignore Employee Appreciation Day?¬† Well…not exactly.

Employees who feel like valued members of a team, who find meaning in their work and who feel emotionally safe at the workplace are the most engaged and productive. They are the most likely to offer a rich tapestry of discretionary effort that includes thought, research, creative thinking, mentoring and collaboration that goes above and…

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[photos] A good day on the set at Frazer Consultants

  This week on the set at Frazer Consultants, we covered our commitment to the Tribute Store and funeral home relationships with florists, the release of our March social media kit, and the benefits of blogging for funeral home directors and owners. Click here to view all of the great videos we’ve created thus far…

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[video] How to Celebrate YOUR Legacy this President’s Day

Celebrate Presidents day with a tribute to your personal legacy.¬† This is a great way to honor the great men who have come before¬†you and cleared the path.¬† Make the most of your opportunity. How to celebrate YOUR Legacy this President’s Day John Ashworth is a salesperson and video personality for Frazer Consultants. This video…

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[video] 10 Ways to Remember Your Loved One on Valentines Day

Need an interesting way to¬†remember a lost loved one this Valentine’s Day? When you’ve lost someone close to you, holidays special to the two of you can be tough.¬† And…they can be an opportunity to honor your love for that person.¬† Watch this video for ideas about how you might do that this Valentine’s Day….

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Photos: SpaceX successfully launches new Falcon Heavy rocket carrying Tesla Roadster

The purpose of the launch was to test SpaceX’s newest rocket before using it for missions for the government or commercial industry, which involves millions of dollars of hardware.In test missions, a test payload is used to help determine how the rocket will behave when carrying an object like a satellite. For Tuesday’s launch, the…

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