Month: March 2016

Congratulations to Brenda on her new Lexus Nx 200t! I love that Atomic Silver exterior color…

“My experience with Lexus of Madison was one of the most awesome inspiring experiences of my life. It all started when my car went on the brinks. At that point I thought my whole world would be turned upside down, so I started stressing about how I would get back and forth to work, running…

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“John is the BEST Car Salesman I’ve Ever Had!” -Bryan Lenox

produced by john c ashworth Bryan went looking in a lot of different places when it came time to find and buy a pre-owned 2013 Nissan Armada. ¬†When it all cam down to it in the end, we here at Lexus of Madison were the easiest to deal with…

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Chantell loves her new Cadillac!

produced by john c ashworth Car Salesman at Lexus of Madison Chantell did not have such a great experience car shopping at the dealer she visited prior to coming to see us, but she had a great experience here at Lexus of Madison!

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