Month: January 2016

Taehee discovers the magic of leasing a 2015 Lexus GS 350 *****Click Here for Kim’s 5-Star Review. How to get more car for less money!

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[fitness friday] Why YOU Should Consider a Walk in the Woods to Improve Your Health

written by john c ashworth, ma This is the time of year when people flood to the gym.  All of them with the intention to “stick with it this time.” How’s that been working for you? For a select few, the path to long-term health, weight loss and a full commitment to sticking with it…

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Ask John, He’ll tell you…Buying a car from Johnny Renaissance at Lexus of Madison was Easy!

  Of course, one of the most of rewarding things about the car business is that you really do have the opportunity to solve customers’ transportation problems.  This story is a terrific example, and it was a great bonus that I could also help John with his fitness too.  You can read John’s story below….

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