Month: September 2015

Quick note from a Happy Customer – this is what we do here!

“Masoud and John, Thank you for your help.  You remind me why I am committed to Lexus.  Another great experience thanks to you!” -Brian  

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[fitness friday] Why a Woman’s Risk for Heart Disease is Greater than She Thinks. And Revealing facts about how a heart attack often feels Very Different for a Woman than a Man. Here’s what you need to know…

written by john c ashworth, ma Why a woman’s risk for heart disease is greater than she thinks. Most of us are familiar with the classic signs of a heart attack – chest pain or pressure, cold sweats, light-headedness, or radiating pain down your left arm.  The problem for women is that the signs and symptoms…

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[happy customers] Jim & Debbie with their new Lincoln Towncar!

  “Good morning John – While I was enjoying our Lincoln on the way home yesterday evening, I thought about how I was cared for by you and the whole organization.  First off, John you are a consummate professional and treated my wife and I with respect. Your organization from the ground up is ready…

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[happy customers] The Capelles love their new Buick!

  “We visited a lot of dealerships on the Saturday we decided to go car shopping.  The experience we had with John was by far the BEST of all of them!  He’s the reason we came back on Monday!”    -Jim Capelle

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[fitness friday] Why YOUR search for the “Perfect Workout” is futile

The Perfect Workout Does Not Exist! written by john c ashworth, ma 20-Year Fitness Coach and Life-long Bohemian Athlete Trust me.  The Perfect Workout for you does not exist!  This elusive and seductive search we all have a tendency to engage in is a complete waste of time.  Worse, because there is no perfect workout…

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