Month: June 2015

Here is your new Foot Fitness Program. Five tips for building a strong foundation for your body from your feet up.

written by john c ashworth, ma Never have I paid so much attention to my feet than at the current time in my life. Even as a world class soccer player at age 16, I spent very little time considering the importance of my feet. I guess you could call it the bliss of youth….

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[video] Discover why over committing is the fastest path to personal growth…

produced by john ashworth, ma As a coach for more than twenty years, I’ve been committed to the personal growth of both my clients and myself for a long time, and through this work, I can tell you that one truth stands clear above all the rest.  The reality that until you challenge yourself physically,…

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[fitness friday] 5 Tips for Protecting YOUR Back while you move

written by john c ashworth, ma produced by Leigh Mills and NBC 15 Madison I thought this would make a good topic for this week’s Fitness Friday segment with Leigh Mills, because I am moving this week, and I’m no young man anymore.  Not old, of course, just not the guy you see in this…

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Why success is like a White Tuxedo

written by john c ashworth, ma My son Carl graduated from 8th grade yesterday and during the ceremony, which was the best one I’ve ever been a part of, one of his teachers was chosen by the students to speak to them.  His words were some of the most inspiring of the day.  Later, I…

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