Month: February 2015

A very simple yet effective total body workout you can do at home

produced by john c ashworth A very simple yet effective total body workout you can do at home. produced by john c ashworth This is a very simple workout you can do at home. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of workouts to do at home.  Which is good news, since I know many…

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Exercises. Kettlebell Squats with a Side-step.

produced by john c ashworth, ma KettleBell Squats with a Side-Step Subscribe to my 7-minute workouts series for more workouts and exercises in your email inbox each week. -John  

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How to Setup Toyota Entune text messaging on iphone

produced by john ashworth  I was having trouble getting my Toyota Entune text messaging to work recently, so I consulted with one of our experts, Joanna. She helped me figure it out and helped me film this video. I hope you will find it useful. Don’t do what I did, which was make attempts to…

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[fitness friday] Stretching is NOT Always Best

created by John Ashworth & Leigh Mills produced by NBC 15 of Madison, WI When your muscles ache, you might be inclined to do nothing more than wait for the pain to pass over the next few days.  Or, if you’re smart, you stretch a little, drink a lot of water, and take a nap…

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How the foam roll enhances the benefits of stretching

Can the Benefits of Stretching really be trumped by use of the foam roll? written by john c ashworth, ma, ces The Benefits of Stretching are many.  However, when muscles get store and extremely tight, use of the foam roll as a first defense is often more effective for optimal recovery and long term relief….

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