Month: December 2014

[video] Morgan drives away in her new 2015 Toyota Camry LE

Morgan and John Toyota C2015 amry LE The new attitude black 2015 Toyota Camry is a sweet ride! Watch as Morgan hits the gong and feeds off the excitement of buying a brand new Toyota!

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[fitness friday] New research reveals that Santa is twice as likely to die from a Sudden Cardiac Death

written by john c ashworth, ma I have to admit that over the years, I’ve become more and more concerned with Santa’s weight. That bow full of jelly has its risks. It is well established that weight around your belly is a major risk factor for the metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and…

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[fitness friday] Can running really make you younger?

  written by john c ashworth New research shows us that running could make you younger. Walking is great exercise, and often associated with a reduced rate of obesity, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and a longer lifespan in older people, but a more vigorous run can help you maintain your prowess as you age. Now,…

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