Month: November 2014

[fitness friday] How to find time for fitness over Thanksgiving Weekend

written by john c ashworth, ma The Thanksgiving Holiday weekend is approaching.  Are you feeling the time crunch?  Good times, but at the same time a schedule killer.  How will you find the time to exercise when so much else is happening at the same time? Try this 7-minute routine.  The exercise benefits are worth…

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[fitness friday] Are you exercising but gaining weight? New research reveals why and explains what you can do about it.

written by john c ashworth, ma New research by blank and colleagues, took 81 women through 12 weeks of exercise and revealed that their ability to lose weight effectively was extremeley inconsistent. In fact, 70% of the women gained weight during the 12 week study. The women in the study were healthy, but overweight and…

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[newsletter] Johnny T’s November Newseltter

created and produced by John Ashworth, aka “Johnny T” My message of November Gratitude Here’s my November Newsletter Table of Contents! **Special Report: An important personal message for ALL of YOU from Johnny T!  -To be Released November 15th! [podcast] Obsessed or Dedicated?  Depends on your perspective… What in the world is making car dealerships so…

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