Month: January 2010

Why I Prefer Not to Work for "The Man"

I remember the first time I heard that expression, “The Man.”  I had been talking with a high school friend of mine and he was referring to his current employer.  At that time, it seemed sort of odd and awkward, like walking with a cane.  Who was this “man” I wondered.  And why hadn’t I…

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The Day Winds Down and I'm Grateful…

The day is winding down. I just returned from the break room at Gillware (a new blog client of mine) and the images of a Haiti disaster remind me of my word of the day. I had asked Tyler (one of the founders at Gillware) earlier today if he had a word for the day….

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It's YOU!

Over the last 6 years in running my own business there is one simple truth that is clear today. Like a full moon in the dead of a cold winter night. You can hire employees, coaches, trainers, vendors, and form a board of advisers. There is literally no end to the list of resources you…

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